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Welcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

A bit about me: I’m the guy who woke up at 16 and decided he wanted to have a career in tax. Just joking. I don’t think such a person exists. The truth is I stumbled into the profession back in the late 80’s thinking as you do when you’re young, that this would be a temporary move, and here I am three decades later, having a whale of time and dreading the day I might have to retire from this.

My first role in tax was as a tax collector with the Inland Revenue (HM Revenue & Customs in today’s speech) – my main job was to persuade tax payers to settle their debts or I would turn up at their front door with the Bailiff and a distraint order from the courts allowing for the removal of goods to settle the debt. Needless to say I was grateful when on promotion I was moved to a role that involved conducting audits of employer’s PAYE records, an experience which prepared me for a move from civil servant to tax professional – so-called poacher turned gatekeeper – with a Big 4 accountancy firm, working on tax investigations, another role which involved after the event support for the firm’s clients.

A move to another Big 4 firm, brought new skills as this was a tax consultancy role and reversed the trend of dealing with matters after the damage had been done. This role allowed us to work with the client in a more proactive way to avoid pitfalls and put systems in place to avoid HMRC intervention, introduce efficiencies and where applicable, cost savings. A desire to understand how tax advice was received and interpreted by the client led to a move in-house, in a top 10 UK bank where I spent five years working in a large team of tax professionals in the Group Tax department advising internal clients i.e. retail banking, investment banking, Group Legal and Group HR functions.

The 2008 financial crises saw a parting of ways with the bank, a short stint with a tax boutique as a tax planner, and a rekindled a long held desire to pursue a career in law, so I retrained as a solicitor and on qualifying in 2011 set up my own business: Loftus Stowe merge skills from my previous careers with my hard earned, late-in-life conversion to the legal profession to provide my clients with a one-stop shop for services to individuals, businesses and professionals. Loftus Stowe is a Consultant practice to Nexa Law a firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which provides me with the opportunity to maintain my practice as a solicitor and service my client’s legal requirements in tangent with looking after my tax portfolio of which there is plenty of room for cross over.

So there you have it, I like to think of myself as a well-rounded, consummate professional who has had experience of dealing with one of the UK’s most powerful authorities on matters affecting individuals and businesses. My objective, on behalf of my clients, is to be able to take a holistic approach to understanding the challenges they face and channel my wealth of experience into providing them with solutions which are both practical and affordable. I am ever so proud of the testimonials I have received confirming satisfaction with the service provided. Give me a call to see if there’s anything I can do to help you out of a challenging situation you may be facing.

Practice Areas

Restructuring & Insolvency

There comes a time when taking advice on managing debt becomes necessary. Yes, it can be embarrassing to have to face the realities of business or personal (or sometimes both) financial challenges, but often the first line of defence is to mitigate. I have clients who have resolved their challenges long before they escalate. I advise in the following areas;

Tax Services

I can provide a range of tax services to you or your business; built around your personal or business circumstances. Whether you’re facing a tax investigation, a loan charge liability or seeking time to pay a debt owed to HMRC, a statutory demand, winding up or bankruptcy petition, there will be something I can do to assist you. And, we’re not only here in times of difficulty; we are also here to provide you with sound tax advice, assisting with employment tax advice or issues, or are seeking advice on complying with your self-assessment tax obligations. Tax law is comprehensive and complicated. Don’t leave things to chance, Book a 30 minute consultation to chat and see what I can do to help. In the famous words of Michael Jackson; “You Are Not Alone” (Just don’t ask me to sing the song!)

Employment Law

Running your own business can be both rewarding and profitable, but it is also rife with complications especially where the employment of staff are concerned. You don’t have to deal with this all by yourself. I can either walk you through the employment of your very first employee or assist with building the HR structure for the management of your growing workforce.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, disputes are a fact of life and can be expensive if left to fester. I can work with you to resolve your dispute with shareholders, creditors or other third parties. A primary objective being to achieve a negotiated settlement or where necessary, guide you through the litigation process.

Company & Commerical Law

Whether you’re thinking of forming a company/formations, defining shareholder rights, seeking company secretarial services, acquiring or selling a business, I am here to assist you through all stages available to assist on an ad hoc or retainer basis.