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Practice Areas

Restructuring & Insolvency

There comes a time when taking advice on managing debt becomes necessary. Yes, it can be embarrassing to have to face the realities of business or personal (or sometimes both) financial challenges, but often the first line of defence is to mitigate. I have clients who have resolved their challenges long before they escalate. I advise in the following areas;

Tax Services

I can provide a range of tax services to you or your business; built around your personal or business circumstances. Whether you’re facing a tax investigation, a loan charge liability or seeking time to pay a debt owed to HMRC, a statutory demand, winding up or bankruptcy petition, there will be something I can do to assist you. And, we’re not only here in times of difficulty; we are also here to provide you with sound tax advice, assisting with employment tax advice or issues, or are seeking advice on complying with your self-assessment tax obligations. Tax law is comprehensive and complicated. Don’t leave things to chance, Book a 30 minute consultation to chat and see what I can do to help. In the famous words of Michael Jackson; “You Are Not Alone” (Just don’t ask me to sing the song!)

Employment Law

Running your own business can be both rewarding and profitable, but it is also rife with complications especially where the employment of staff are concerned. You don’t have to deal with this all by yourself. I can either walk you through the employment of your very first employee or assist with building the HR structure for the management of your growing workforce.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, disputes are a fact of life and can be expensive if left to fester. I can work with you to resolve your dispute with shareholders, creditors or other third parties. A primary objective being to achieve a negotiated settlement or where necessary, guide you through the litigation process.

Company & Commerical Law

Whether you’re thinking of forming a company/formations, defining shareholder rights, seeking company secretarial services, acquiring or selling a business, I am here to assist you through all stages available to assist on an ad hoc or retainer basis.